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Get Rid of Repetitive Signing Once and For All by Using a Self-inking Stamp

What is a self-inking stamp

Over the years, ink stamper has evolved and improved. You can say goodbye to ink pads with a selfinking stamp.

Unlike the traditional rubber stamps, a self-inking stamp has a built-in ink pad which is extremely durable and more environmentally friendly. You don’t need to throw the ink- pad once it runs out of ink, just simply refill it and re-use it.

Is a self-inking stamp worth it?

  Save money and time by using a self-inking stamp. A single self-inking stamp can make up to 25,000  impressions. The impression is quick dry yet the stamp ink itself does not dry out and can last up to 2 to 3 years.

This kind of stamp does not take a while to self ink.

You can carry it in your bag. Pocket stamps are also available.  No need to worry about the ink drying out or leaking because the built-in ink pad absorbs the ink yet creates defined thousands of impressions. It can be used for stamping large quantities, and lasts for 2 to 3 years. It has a replaceable ink feature in it’s reservoir so you don’t have to carry stamp pads all the time.

 As we go further, you will be able to learn more about personalized self inking stamps.


Can I use a signature stamp on official and business documents?

Are signature stamps legal? There is no law preventing you from using a signature stamp.  It is legal to use as long as the use of it is authorized and validated by you.

When it comes to bank deposit stamps, it is safer to verify with your bank if they allow signature stamps or deposit only stamp.


Selfinking vs. Preinked Stamps

A Pre-Inked Stamp has the ink reservoir behind the stamp that you can fill with oil-based ink. 

A Self-Inking Stamp has a built-in water-based ink pad that re-inks every time an impression is made.


Who can use a self inking stamp

Save time and get rid of repetitive signing or writing by using a self- inking stamp. If you are a business owner or an individual who constantly signs cheques, receipts, and writes name and signature, a self-inking stamp is best for you. Find out below what type of stamp fits your needs.


What are the different uses of a self-inking stamp

Self-inking stamps can be customized to fit your needs. Here are some of the most common custom stamp.

  1. Name and signature stamp or monogram stamps
  2. Professional Stamps
  3. Address stamp and phone number stamps
  4. Craft Stamps
  5. Date Stamps
  6. Logo stamps

Make sure to provide a clear copy of your details to have a more defined impression. It is important to know the stamps features like lines of text, custom text, and images to be added. 

The best way to find out is to talk to your supplier or hired stamp designers to achieve your desired feature. 

Check this link to find out how a self-inking stamp is made.


When is the best time to buy stamps

This pandemic, we are required to fill out log books before entering any establishment. Using a stamp in filling out your personal information minimizes the use of pen, and touching surfaces like log books touched by others. Therefore, using a stamp can somehow help end the spread of viruses.

So, what do you think about having a custom selfinking stamp?

How much is a self-inking stamp

Self-inking stamp’s price ranges from 150Php to 1500Php. The price depends on the functionality, number of characters and lines to be added.



Where can I use self-inking stamps?

You may have started to wonder about the ideal selfinking stamps? The answer is to find out the purpose of the stamp that you want to have.

 Below are the most common uses of a selfinking stamp.

  1. Wedding Stamps
  2. Return Address Stamps
  3. Dater Stamp
  4. Teacher Stamps
  5. Office Stamps
  6. Notary Stamps
  7. Inspection Stamps
  8. Paid Stamp With Date

 Surfaces where self-inking stamps can be used

  1. Wood Stamps
  2. Plastic Stamps
  3. Paper Stamps
  4. Sac Stamps
  5. Textile Stamps
  6. Plastic Bottle Stamps

For further details, you may reach out to us.

What are the best brands of self-inking stamps?

Below are the most popular, and most common brands of custom self inking stamps.

  1. Trodat Selfinking
  2. Colop Selfinking
  3. Shiny Selfinking


How to re-ink a self-inking stamp

  1. Lock it in place. Press the stamp and push the red buttons located at the side of the stamp.
  2. Push the ink pad from the back towards you if the back of the stamp is facing you.
  3. Use refilling inks, and add 3 to 4 drops to the ink pad. 
  4. Use the tip of the bottle to evenly spread the ink. Let the ink  settle on the ink-pad before putting back in.
  5. Press the stamp slightly to unlock.

Where to find replacement inks?

We provide a variety of inks and ink colors that can be used for your stamps. Feel free to visit this page to see what ink best fits your needs.

Ink and stamp cleaner, can be usually bought where you got your self-inking stamps, so feel free to reach out to your supplier.